Attention Stamp Collectors!!

Did you know that I also sell Stamps??
Well... Now you do!!
I sell a variety of Worldwide Postage Stamps You can find all that I have available

New listings are added EVERY Week!!
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I have 6 Generations worth of Collecting to Sort through!
You never know what I might list.

Gemstone Wrap Bracelets Now Available

Do you love Gemstones??
If YES...
I now have Genuine Gemstone Wrap Style Bracelets!!
Find these and MORE at:
> Ellens Creations <

Boo Boo Bunnies are ready for YOU!

Boo Boo Bunnies!

What are they you ask??
They are adorable for all ages and genders!!
See bunnies here

Ease your ouch with the comforting chill of a Boo Boo Bunny ice pack And enjoy add a whole lot of comforting cuteness at the same time!
See bunnies HERE

All you do is keep bunnies Re-freezable cube in the freezer until needed Cuddle bunny anytime you want of course, but when the "OUCH" occurs.. grab that ice cold cube and place in the bunny tummy and place bunny on the ouch.
See bunnies right HERE

I have a variety of bunnies to choose from New bunnies are added each week! Find them HERE

I tried these 15 Very Good for YOU Smoothies!!

Here are 15 very GOOD for YOU  and  Awesome for YOU Smoothies!! YES... I tried each one several times.
My thoughts..
I can honestly say that I have tried each and every one of these. I definitely have a few very favorites among these that I drink often, 
And some were surprisingly better than I thought they would be especially when I first  read the ingredients and had some hesitation thinking that some of these can't possibly be tasty
Browse...  Try them and Share them with others 😊 

Hmmm...  who knew wheat germ was actually tasty especially when mixed with the right stuff LOL

My NEW Website..

Well I finally did it....
I purchased the rights to my name: EllensCreations and.. I purchased my own domain to make it even more official.
I hope that you will visit my NEW set-up soon and often as I have a LOT of work to do in getting everything added that I currently have Made and Ready for your viewing and buying pleasures!
Visit My Website


So what is Pinterest?

Read up and then Follow me on pinterest:

Similar to Reddit or StumbleUpon, Pinterest is like a virtual bulletin or cork board that allows users to find and curate images and videos. Unlike other photo sharing sites, the emphasis here is on the discovery and curation of other people’s content, not storing your own. This is certainly right on trend with social media’s continued emphasis on rich media — think of Twitter’s enhanced video and photo viewing as well as the recent changes to Facebook’s image viewer.

How does it work?
Pinterest allows you to use visual assets like photos or info-graphics as a type of social currency in their own right — garnering likes and “repins,” the equivalent of shares or re-tweets — instead supplementing web pages, blog posts, or other text-based media. You can easily post images from other websites to your Pinterest account using the “Pin it” task bar button, or you can just browse the Pintere…

Jeff Young of Megadeath Guitar Magic

Jeff Young "formerly of Megadeath" doing what he does best!  Everyone please Enjoy, like and share, I know I sure did,  What a total honor to have been Front row to such guitar magic!