My NEW Postage Stamp Page is READY!

Are you a stamp collector?
Do you know someone who is?
Would you like to collect?

Well good news....
I am now offering a variety of: 
postage stamps, stamp sheets, first day of issues and more!
I have acquired such a HUGE amount of extra's over the years that it is now time to start liquidating to make room for new ones that I need... Yep this is an addiction of mine and I am ready to share.

Where you ask??
Right HERE
psst... while there be sure to "LIKE" our page
browse the photos section for a variety of items available for purchase

Stamp collecting can be a lifetime hobby.
 It's fun and educational for all ages and it's easy to start without a big investment. 
The study of stamps and postal materials is called philately and collectors are sometimes called philatelists. Here is a link to a great resource for beginners and novice collectors

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