For the love of Earrings!

Who doesn't love them?

I love them so much that I learned how to make them!
Through out my 20+ years of jewelry making I have acquired a LOT of handmade jewelry, Especially earrings.

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One of my favorite thing about Making earrings
 is that No 2 pair are alike, and  You can use ANY type of materials "lead free of course" Each pair can be Unique, totally one of a kind, pieces can be created with just a bit of your  imagination!

View my creations HERE

Well as you will see I have made a LOT of them and it is time to find Earrings lovers for them! Purchase ANY of My Handmade Earrings during the Month of APRIL And you will receive a Randomly, Selected pair of my Handmade Earrings for FREE!

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