About Ellen

A little about Me "Ellen"

I was born October 23, 1972 in Granite city, IL. USA
I have a small home based business that I absolutely LOVE
When I am not working from home or taking care off patients (I am also a visiting RN) I can be found enjoying my garden, creating in the Kitchen, Hiking in the woods, Going for a drive in the country, exploring museums, taking in a concert, reading a good book, playing with my Maine-Coon Cat or my Aussie Shepherd, Spending time with my absolutely beautiful daughter and family, 
My interests do not stop there but there is too many to list - A passion for life in general sums it up.

Here is my beautiful girl!
Most definitely my reason for living!

* ~ *

A bit about my work....

I work from home Making & Selling a wide variety of handmade items such as:
All natural and organic Bath N Body products
Handcrafted Jewelry and Accessories
Homemade Dry BBQ Rubs and Other Yummy's!
Home Decor and Fragrance items
Boo Boo Bunnies, Flower Pens, Pet Items
And so much much more.
I have been creating and selling my products for nearly 20 years and Love it!
I am always educating myself and making an effort to create New items weekly
After all........ Variety IS the Spice of Life don't ya think.

Would you like to see what all I make?
Take a look here:

* ~ * 

About a few of my passions...

I have such a wide range of interests that there simply is not enough time in the day to tell them all but My biggest passion beyond my love of crafting is Cooking!! I thrive on creating wonderful dishes and recipes and get great joy in sharing my creations and seeing the smiles on the faces of those who join me at my table. I focus on creating all of my dishes from scratch using fresh and when possible organic ingredients and home grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. YUMMY is a household word around here and I never tire of hearing the word YUMMY or may I have More!!
I am completely comfortable with every type of cuisine and cooking technique.
I welcome anyone and everyone's recipes!!
And I of course will be sharing mine from time to time.

~ * ~

My next passion is gardening... 

Especially Flowers & Herbs!!
I simply love being in my yard and getting to spend that precious time viewing the beauty
Oh and the amazing scents that arouse the senses and soothe the soul.
To spend time in my yard is how I relaxing and de-stress from the pressures of the world,
Every time I step out into my yard it feels as if I am transported to another place away from all of the things in this world that are depressing and harmful, It gives me a moment to find the beauty in things

Thank you for getting to know a bit about me...
I will share more again soon!

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